Terms & Conditions for Using Psychic Fame

This Service offered by The-Creation for entertainment purpose only.

Psychic Fame is providing services on Psychic Reading, Astrology, Life Coaching, Tarot Reading, Palm Reading, Counseling and other types of Fortune Telling Services by Text Chat, Phone Call and Email on Internet Connection.

You must be Eighteen years Old or above to use this service. Purchases through Bank cards must be by Card Owner.

Our Experts do their best to provide you helpful guidance. But keep in mind that this info cannot be alternate for Medical, Legal or Financial recommendations.

You have to examine all kind of information providing by Psychic fame Experts.

By using Psychic Fame you acknowledge that you have read all the terms and conditions including disclaimer and you are agree with them.

As a user of this site you are bound to abide by the policy of the site. In case of any violation, Psychic Fame has the right to suspend your Registration without any prior notice.

It is user liabilities to secure his logon info. In case of misuse of his login info psychic fame is not responsible.

The website will be deemed to be your approval of, as well as agreement, to any such changed terms and conditions.

User Registration

Any visitor who want to use the services of Psychic Fame will be asked for registration and he/she need to submit all required information during Registration.

If a user thinks that his login information not is not confidential, he/she must notify Psychic Fame by Email Support@psychicfame.com and On Skype “Psychic Fame” as well.

Psychic Fame has the right to change Policy any time.

It is again said that Psychic Fame is only for the Purpose of Entertainment so do not try to use this for Medical, Legal and Financial Solutions.

Experts/Advisors on the Web Site are not representative of Psychic Fame at all. Therefore Psychic Fame is not responsible for any commitment of Experts/Advisors.

Personal Privacy policy:

Psychic Fame gives priority to secure a user personal info and will guarantee not to give any other company or person.

By signing up as a client of Psychic Fame and also utilizing its services the consumer recognizes as well as accepts Psychic Fame Personal privacy Policy.

Will certainly keep the password used when making use of the Services purely private.

Respectful Behavior:

Advisors/Experts will make sure to give value to a client and obviously it is necessary for a client not to be uncivilized. In case of any issue Advisor and Client must inform Psychic Fame Management by mail Support@psychicfame.com and on Skype “Psychic Fame”

Rough attitude cannot be tolerated and it can make you registration permanently banned.

If you have any concern related to Psychic Fame or is policy, do let us know at Support@psychicfame.com

Last Updated: January 16, 2018